About Us

About Us

Under the Great Commission and the love of Jesus Christ, Reverend Steven Li and his family were sent by Bread of Life Christian Church in Zhongli to Sydney and start a new church. The new church, named Bread of Life Christian Church in Northern Sydney started officially in 1st of September 2002. The vision we received from the Lord is to build a disciple church that is full of love and power. We use the Bible as foundation, the Holy Spirit as Guidance, Worship as our focus and Missionary as our goal to build our church of disciples. Our characteristics are discipleship, cell group and supernatural work of the spirit. With Sydney as our base, Chinese population as our starting point, using the "1503" strategy to plant churches abundantly and efficiently, work together with all churches and body of Christ to win the whole city, bless and benefit the community.


A Path of Grace

It is a path full of blessings and grace. All the way since 19th of May 2002, the day that Reverend Li was sent with prayers and blessings, supported materially by Bread of Life Christian Church in Zhongli & Yangmei; starting with a 10 men prayer meeting in the living room to the 2 churches we have today. Every single week members of church have sacrificed time and effort, brothers and sisters who arrive early to set up and leave late due to pack up, opening homes for cell group meetings; united we build the body of Christ with the grace granted.

A family full of love

1503 Mission Network are cell group based churches, according to age, habitude and residential area, varies cell groups meet once a week. The relationships between cell group members are built with the love of God that they have personally experienced; through the love, caring with truthfulness and action are taken towards each other. We welcome and highly recommend you to join us to feel for yourself the essence of our church and the love of Christ.

The Mighty Army filled with Power

We are filled by the Holy Spirit, for it is the will of the Lord for us to receive from the Spirit so that we can fearlessly make testimonies for the Lord. We receive gifts from the Spirit, each according to the role and gift built on others and themselves; so that the body may grow in love. Therefore the majority of members take part in serving as part of different ministries. Many encountered God here, found the meaning of life, and saw the value within them; came inside sorrowful and depressed, left joyfully and unburdened.

A Church full of Disciples

Only disciples can finish the Great Commission of Christ. In 1503 Mission Network you see them everywhere. For we are willing to be trained and horned, compliant to take responsibilities, prepared to live according to the truth and produce the fruits of the Spirit. We are not only individually competent workers and leaders; we are explosive when united and combined. For we have overcame many obstacles together.

Sydney full of Churches

Sydney’s vast area has a Chinese population of 300 – 400 thousands. Praise the Lord for giving us the vision of "1503". 1503 means when we have 150 disciples, 3 cell groups in a certain area, we are ready to send 50 disciples to the area to plant another church that is also full of love, passion and power. And working together with others to make up the body of Christ thus to satisfy the need of Sydney.

The anointing of Unity

We are a church of Unity, we strive to keep a unified relationship with churches, for only unity can witness and testify the Gospel of Christ. Through Unity, there is anointing and power. There is only ONE Church in Sydney, and that is the Church of Christ. Lord Jesus wants us to win the city for him alongside all the churches, so Sydney can become the centre for missionaries in Oceania and bring the Gospel back to Jerusalem.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Lord wants us to open our eyes and look at the field! They are ripe for harvest. The great work of the Lord shall be done and he has chosen us to take part alongside him. The Lord is calling: "Whom shall I send? Who is willing to for us?" Let us all respond: "Lord! Here I am, please send me!"